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Barrier Washers

Clarus Control®, your reliable partner for guaranteed hygiene.

Effi cient whatever the load, and fl exible whatever your needs, Electrolux barrier washers are easy to use.

Clarus Control®

High technology meets ease of use in Clarus Control®, the thinking heart of your machine. Clarus Control® is a microprocessor with 9 standard programmes designed with you in mind. There is the possibility of installing a further 192 personalised programmes.

Clarus Control® TS

Equipped with a Touch Screen, the new generation Clarus Control® offers unique ergonomics and operator comfort. The Clarus Controlsupports a rapid and intuitive learning curve, from the 2-second wash program start up to the advanced programming mode. The progressive design now includes pH measurement and gives fl exibility for any additional new future requirements.

Custom-made programmes

Clarus Control® thinks for you and controls every phase in the washing process. It is extremely simple to defi ne new programmes according to your specifi c needs taking into account the type of fabric being washed and how dirty the linen is. Clarus Control® checks the settings given and then determines how much water and detergente is needed, as well as the length of the wash cycle, which means greater energy efficiency and lower running costs and better results.

Hygiene control

Clarus Control® and Clarus Control® TS offer a unique function guaranteeing that your linen load has been hygienically cleaned. These controls will only allow unloading on the clean side if the wash programme has been fully completed.

A memory card allows programs to be saved for future use or to be used in other machines (also for remote operation). The processor can be connected to a computer or printer allowing complete traceability of every phase in the washing process.

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